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Paws Plus Consulting

helping to strengthen the bond between humans and their furbabies through  positive techniques and education since 2001.


Hi I'm Ally Piper a dog trainer and qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 20 years experience in the industry.

Having worked in both Australia and the UK my methods are all positive using a gentle rewards based system guaranteeing results everytime.

My experience working with rescue, therapy and companion dogs has helped shape me into a trainer with extensive knowledge in all behaviours.

My passion lies in teaching pet parents the foundations of communication and techniques to create harmony and a loving relationship with all family members.




Puppy Preschool in essential in setting your puppy up with skills for life.  Older dogs can certainly be trained but it just takes a lot longer which is why we reccommend starting puppy school between 9 and 14 weeks.

My training methods focus on positive reinforcement using no harsh methods. Pups will not only learn basic obedience, but ensure they learn to socialise responsibly all while being desenstitised to loud noises from thunderstoms and firecrackers to babies crying. My aim is to build confidence by teaching owners how best to communicate with their pup in a gentle language they understand.

Our course is 4 hours over 3 weeks and includes a 15 min individual phone consultaion to be used at any time prior, during or after the course for up to 6 months.

Course topics include but are not limited to:

*All basic commands


*Jumping up


*Toilet Training

* Diet and Health

*Destructive Behaviours

*Responsibe Socialisation
*Firecracker/ Thunderstorm     desensitisation


4 hour course including notes


Next classes :
Blakehurst Vet - Tuesday  9th November 
Currently at capacity until Mid Nov... Follow Social media for new class dates

 Customised Puppy Package 3 hours and lifetime access to Paws Plus Pups


The ideal personalised puppy package to gurantee success!

Unfortunately with to our new way of living, not all family members can attend Puppy School due to distancing restrictions.

Its proven consistancy is key, if everyone in the family is on the same page your puppy will not only learn quicker but be more relaxed and therefore a better learner. 

Puppy Star begins with a Pre Puppy Consultation advising you of how best to set up for your new furbabies arrival. 

We meet again after the first week for a 1.5hr hour tailored consultation with the whole family (I encourage extended family also) where you will learn everything from diet to communication to commands.

Third meet is a fortnight after for a refresh and questions via Zoom.

All this while having access to Paws Plus Pups. A safe place to share and discuss any issues or great things you may of learnt along the way with like minded pooch people!






             Zoom Sessions 

Zoom sessions are available at a rate of $85 for initial hour and $60 per hour there after or part there of.

Please note: payment must be received 24 hrs prior for the first hour for session to commence.


Concerned about your pup's social skills or lack of?

Puppy Playgroup is perfect for puppies between 10-20 weeks who are still learning how to communicate and read body language. Skills that are so important before they venture out into the big world.

Puppy Playgroup is the perfect follow on from Puppy School or for those that were not able to attend preschool.

Puppies are selected and grouped accordingly to ensure imperative skills are learnt and confidence is built.

Small groups ( max 4) ensure your pup gets the most out of every session without it being overwhelming.

Playgroup is drop off and pick up in convenient Nth Caringbah location with ample parking.

We do attempt to share photos and videos however this is not guaranteed as priority is placed on developing social skills . Every few weeks you will receive a report card to get an understanding of how your fur baby is going and areas that need to be worked on.

Playgroup Session Times:

Monday - Friday from 9.30am 

Puppy Playgroup $30 per one hour session


*Attend 4 consectutive weeks and receive 1 free session.


In home behaviour consultations are tailored to suit indivual family and dog needs.

While dogs can bring endless joy to our lives, certain habits can create stress. From early stage puppy training to re-correcting unwanted behaviours, this is the perfect package to create harmony within the household.

I can help with: 


*Seperation anxiety


*Destructive behaviours

*Pulling on the lead




*Jumping up







Customised Package: $140 first hr $90 per consectutive hrs


The Baldwins and Willow

The Bookers and Nelly

The Seldons and Tinka

The Bakers and Rio



Puppy Preschool 


IPET Store Kirrawee

Wednesday 27th Oct 6.30pm 

Thursday 4th Nov 6.30pm

Blakehurst Vet 

Monday 1st November 7pm 

Tuesday 9th November 7pm

To book for Puppy Preschool please email info@pawsplusconsulting.com


Please give a brief indication of how I can help by submitting via the link below. 

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