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Strengthening the bond between humans and their canines through positive techniques and education.

Qualified and Certified Professional Dog Trainers with over 25 years of experience in the industry servicing the Sutherland Shire and Greater Sydney.

Paws Plus uses only the latest science-based positive reinforcement methods and we love teaching through games and play.

Home: Classes
Puppy School
Puppy Primary
In Home Consultations

Puppy School

Stage 1

Puppies 9 - 15 Weeks

Puppy Preschool is essential in setting your puppy up with skills for life.

Puppy Primary

Stage 2

Puppies 4  Months and over

At Puppy Primary we will be building on basic and skills learnt at Preschool.

In-Home Consultations

Any Age - Any Stage

In-home behaviour consultations are tailored to suit individual family and dog needs.

4 Pillars of Positive Training
 We use the 4 Pillars of Positive Training


Use Positive


Avoid use of intimidation, physical punishment and fear.


Understand misconceptions about dominance theory.


Learn about the canine experience from the dog's Point of View

Meet Ally Piper

Hi, I'm Ally Piper

 A fully Certified and Qualified Professional Dog Trainer and founder of Paws Plus Consulting.

I am a Graduate of Victoria Stillwell Academy of Dog Training, hold a CPDT-KA as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and am a Qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Having worked in both Australia and the UK my methods are all positive and I teach using a games-based system.  

My experience working with rescue, therapy, and companion dogs has helped shape me into a trainer with extensive knowledge in all behaviours.

My passion lies in teaching pet parents the foundations of communication and techniques to create harmony and build relationships with the whole family without the use of fear or intimidation.

Sherry and her dog Daisy

What Clients Say - Sherry and Daisy

Ally Piper of Paws Plus Consulting is the best. Daisy attended her Puppy Preschool and Puppy Playgroup and One on One's. 
We have benefited greatly from Ally's advice and expertise and highly recommend her for those seeking an experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic trainer to help you and your pooch.

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Ally Piper
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